Hello there, welcome to my life story!

So basically my life is probably a bit like yours, a bit complicated sometimes, a bit sad sometimes, amazing sometimes maybe even a bit crazy. But we've all been there so take a journey through my eyes and step into my crazy life story your about to embark on. On this website I'll tell you all about my hectic life and my amazing friends, the crazy things that happen in school and how my friends love Cole Sprouse.

Firstly I'd like to mention the fact that I have no siblings, so basically I get bored alot. But this does give me a lot of opportunities to hang out with my amazing friends, Alex, Holly, Milly, Sam, Maddie and how they make school so much more interesting. I reckon I'm pretty lucky with the group of friends I've made. I've only recently moved schools so I'm still settling in, some subjects I'd rather avoid but some are actually really fun. My favourites by far are dance because I love music and dancing around and just being so free and moving around.

My next one would be PE, unless we have to run 2km which happened a few days ago. Its definetly exhausting. Business studies I find fun because it's very relaxed and you learn at the same which is something I thought was impossible. The ones I would avoid would be english, maths, social studies and science. They just dont seem to be my strong point and they usually end up with me and my friends trying not to fall asleep! I think that homework should be banned. One, it stresses kids out so much and we usually get heaps! Two, it takes time out of our day where we might have practice or want to spend time with your family and friends. Lastly it's just a hassle especially when you just want to relax and put your feet up! As a normal teenager I'm obsessed with this new TV series called Riverdale, especially Jughead or Cole Sprouse. My friends and I all have him as our lock screens, passwords and talk about him all the time. It can be quite funny